Overview :

ECJ Interbiz is looking to grow over the next few years into the Number 1 import and export company in Vietnam specialising in Agriculture, Seafood, Coffee and leading the way in finding the best green product solutions for clients globally. Our drive will be to provide new truly ECO and Green products that can replace plastic and provide a positive alternative to non ECO products using the latst technology.

ECJ Interbiz will be empowering VIETNAMESE factories, products and companies to be able to scale globally and connect them with the world and showcase the amazing products Vietnam has to offer to the world.

ECJ Interbiz provides a platform for Trust and peace of mind for all companies looking to import from Vietnam.

Company leadership:

With many years of expriences in global business development, we are sure that w can help you to get the best deals, best sources and factories directly in VIETNAM or with any factories on the world as we have best partners in every country, so you would develop your business in the best way.


Our company can get you the best factories in many different industries with leading enterprise in processing about seafood, Agricultural and many kind of Industries products on International markets.

Our main mission is to promote the best VIETNAMESE factories and products and to help you to get directly in touch with them and help you to make every business transaction a success.

Core values

Sharing, caring and make Customers happy is our success !

ECJ Interbiz Opportunities

Opportunity 1

Full access to ALL Local Vietnamese factories and products that are of the highest quality such as agriculture and seafood. Vietnam is home to the finest natural products in the world.

Opportunity 2

Supplier of new Eco Rice Straws set to replace plastic. Eco Rice straws will be leading product for ECJ Interbiz and create brand awareness for other products ECJ has to offer.

Opportunity 3

To become global leading import and export company connecting Vietnam and the World.

Business sectors
1/ Frozen seafoods, sea fishes, seafood value added products, Pangasius,

2/ Frozen and Fresh all kind of Agriculture, vegetables, fruits.

3/All kind of Noodles, dried noodles…etc

4/Friendly products, environmental protection : PLANT-BASED drinking Straws

5/All kind of Coffee and Vietnam’s coffee beans as a new coffee trading (3 years)

6/Information Technology, processing, import and export software.


8/Beauty care.

Anti-aging cosmetics-Solution Partner For Cosmetic



11/ Bags

12/QC/Inspection services

We are also supplying different kind of other services like QC/Inspection and audit for your different orders.


If you want a professional, honest, trustworthy Quality Control inspection/audit/report in the seafood Industry with many years experiences in both seafood and Agro within Vietnam look no further.

  • Our service is very competitive (please inbox for the price) but our results are always equal to those of other well known companies,…..
  • In our service we also support our clients with the required information as per their individual company requirements. we do not work purely for money, we work because we would like to introduce and increase VIETNAM’s food brands to the world. we always try to ensure that importers have the fullest information to help them buy good quality products at competitive prices.
  • we also have big seafood suppliers and processors here in Vietnam and are keen to introduce you to the best offers available whilst I work together to secure a profitable future.